Split Second

The dark secrets of a cop turned criminal defence lawyer

The law has always had an incredible ability to shift my opinions completely, from as far back as I can remember. Back and forth like a tug-of-war. Take the time I questioned ‘good and bad’, or ‘right and wrong’.

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About Michael Kuzilny

Michael Kuzilny is a multi-award-winning presenter, social commentator, and one of Australia’s best known and highly regarded criminal lawyers. Comfortable in front of large, live audiences and the camera, Michael brings an enlightened, insightful and always captivating perspective on matters of great legal, cultural and social importance.

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Michael Kuzilny

Author Michael Kuzilny is a successful Australian based lawyer who has been working in the criminal justice system since 1986. He operates his own legal firm called MK LAW. He is a published author of numerous books.


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