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Michael Kuzilny

Michael Kuzilny

Michael Kuzilny is a prominent Criminal Defence Lawyer, Published Author, public speaker, life coach, and award winning TV presenter.

He is the Director of MK LAW Australia. (

Michael’s purpose in life is to make the world a better place for everyone; and to help people through the Tough Times.

Michael Kuzilny has written several self-help including:

  • "Success: You Can Make It" (New Holland Publishers Australia 2007)
  • "A Life in Crime" (New Holland Publishers 2008)
  • "Meditate or Go Crazy"
  • "Expiry Date 25000 Days"
  • "Split Second" (New Holland Publishers 2019)

Michael Kuzilny has been a legal commentator on National television and current affairs, and has hosted several award winning TV programs over the years. He loves the mix between the media and the law.

Check out Michael's new YouTube Channel for all his latest shows, and also tons of inspirational video's to help you take your life to another level.

The show airs on every Friday on Foxtel Australia at 9pm.

For several years Michael Kuzilny worked on Australia’s most popular morning Show "Sunrise" as their Legal Affairs Expert.

Sunrise 14Oct2011 CitizensArrest
Ch7 TT 27 May 2011 Arnie
Ch7 sunrise Facing Court
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Ch7 sunrise Corby Case

The MICHAEL KUZILNY SHOW. "Tough Times" Airs Weekly on:

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  • Chanel 31 Melbourne. 44 Digital. Every Thursday night 8.30pm. Fridays 3.30pm
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Michael Kuzilny can be contacted directly on 0415 557 011 or

If you are facing a court case for Traffic or Criminal law matter, please go to and speak to Michael Kuzilny directly for FREE ADVICE.

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As one of Australia's leading defence lawyers, Michael has been a lawyer in many high-profile cases. He has also appeared as a trusted legal expert on Australia's most popular morning show, Sunrise, for many years.

Michael Kuzilny interviews Ally Fowler
Michael Kuzilny interviews Nicky Whelan
Michael Kuzilny interviews Anthony Mundine
Michael Kuzilny interviews Sam Newman
Michael Kuzilny interviews Max Markson
CH7 Sunrise Facing Court
Tziporah Malkah reveals her dire financial woes
Sunrise - Finders not always keepers
Roy Padmore Pensioner stabbed during cannabis deal gone wrong apologises for elaborate lie

Split Second

The dark secrets of a cop turned criminal defence lawyer

Michael Kuzilny's latest gripping book "SPLIT SECOND" is now available at all good bookstores or online. NEW HOLLAND PUBLISHERS AUSTRALIA.

In SPLIT SECOND Michael shares his 30 year journey in the criminal justice system. He authentically reflects on stories of gangs, drugs, police corruption, and how he got through his own tough times. This has to be one of the most real, exciting and authentic true crime books available on the market today. Michael tells it the way it was and how it is now; the good, the bad and the ugly.

“A Fascinating Read From Australia's Favourite Legal Eagle.”

- Max Markson (Australia's Leading Celebrity Agent)

“Mk's A Real Mensch, It's A Terrific Read.”

- Tziporah Malkah (Celebrity / Actress / Former Model)

Books by Michael Kuzilny

Author Michael Kuzilny is a successful Australian based lawyer who has been working in the criminal justice system since 1986. He operates his own legal firm called MK LAW. He is a published author of numerous books.

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